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Digital Book Club Details

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The Concept

With the social web and freely available conferencing tools, we no longer have to be in the same geographical region to have a book club. We can now meet online.


The Origins

A few of us were collaborating (via Twitter) and noted that it would be neat to meet (online) to discuss a selected book. That core group of folks decided on the use of Google+ Hangouts for the technology behind the book club meetings. None of us has any direct tie to Google, the company ;-) If you're not already a Google+ user, you'll need to sign up for the service in order to participate in the club.


The First Selection

We'll be reading and discussing "Reality Is Broken" by Jane McGonigal. If you've already read and completed the book, you're welcome to re-read it - or, simply join us for the discussions.


The First Meeting

Our first meeting is on Friday, January 27, 2012 at 3PM ET. Dennis will fire up the Hangout from his Google+ account, shortly before 3PM ET. Note: Google+ Hangouts allow for 9 simultaneous video "pods". If you arrive and all 9 pods are taken, you can still view the Hangout.


For the first meeting, we recommend that you read "Part One", which comprises 95 pages (and the first 6 chapters).



Leave your name below if you'd like to join the club. Also leave a URL to your Google+ Profile page, so that we can add you to a Google+ Circle for the book club. In addition, send your email address to dshiao@yahoo.com if you'd like to be added to a mailing list (for announcements and other news).


  1. Michelle Bruno (https://plus.google.com/106370812207843712944/)
  2. Dennis Shiao (https://plus.google.com/115819552471175576750/)
  3. Tahira Endean (https://plus.google.com/107237953460353305342/)
  4. Jenise Fryatt (https://plus.google.com/108134367577254082351/)
  5. Andrea Sullivan (https://plus.google.com/113499099000255432511/)
  6. Traci Browne (https://plus.google.com/100379109080715166156/)
  7. Kenny Lauer (https://plus.google.com/101684694191507857305/)
  8. Túlio Caraciolo (https://plus.google.com/u/0/113695620634794699087
  9. Kelly Briley (https://plus.google.com/103529148633375750593/) 




  1. From Social Media Examiner, How to Get Started with Google+.
  2. The book's web site: http://realityisbroken.org/




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